Monday, June 30, 2008

Beef Goulash

Last night we had Beef Goulash from the Cooking Light Magazine. It was kind of a dismal rainy day in New England so rather than tending the grill with an umbrella we went for a meal that was made on the stove top and made the whole house smell good. We served it with egg noodles and a nice crusty bread. Even the littlest eater was a member of the clean plate club.

You can find the recipe on or here Roasted Tomato-Beef Goulash:

Here we have all the ingredients ready to go....beef, onions, garlic,fire roasted tomatoes (they're key), carrots, celery, salt, pepper. The recipe calls for caraway seeds but I'm not a fan so we omitted them.
Here the meat is nicely browned in the pan. I love how it caramelizes on the edge of the pan!

Here is everything in the pan. Once everything is combined it simmers on the stove for an hour and a half, and that's where the house really starts to smell great.

And the finished product. The goulash is served atop a bed of egg noodles. It was delicious, the meat was tender and perfectly cooked. The fire roasted tomatoes were a nice "smokey" touch. We would definitely make this recipe again. And best of all, it's a "Light" recipe! Eat up.

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Prudy said...

I've made this recipe and it is really good. Sounds perfect for a rainy new england day. It's going to be 110 here today-so I won't be doing any indoor cooking at all if I can help it.