Friday, October 17, 2008

My New Favorite Salad

Last weekend we went to a family birthday party and were instructed to bring a salad. I feel like I'm always making the same type of salad, and this one is really no different, but was so good we had it again this week for dinner.

It's very simple...lettuce (I used a spring mix), chopped walnuts, cubed sharp cheddar (VT preferably--only because that's where I grew up), sliced green apple (to keep the apple from turning brown squeeze a little lemon juice on top), shredded chicken and the best part....drum roll please....crumbled bacon with a few shallots thrown in the grease at the last minute! Yum!

I could eat this salad every day. I'm sure everybody has a variation of the same salad, but thought I'd share this one anyway. I didn't make the dressing homemade but opted for this Newman's Own variety...Raspberry & Walnut Vinaigrette. The dressing is wonderful, I highly recommend.


Anonymous said...

Oh, that actually sounds really good! Good flavors for fall. My favorite salad is one with greens, strawberries and mandarine oranges with a poppyseed vinaigrette. I'll have to give yours a try!

Prudy said...

Who wouldn't want that everday? It looks stunning and very Fallish.

Natashya said...

Oh yeah, I could eat that every day too. I might even put it between some toast for a gourmet chicken, lettuce and bacon sandwich with extras!

McKenzie said...

This is really similar to one of my favorite salads at a local bakery/cafe, except they use brie instead of cheddar. It is delicious, and I bet your version with cheddar is too!